-Digital Perm Machine Renting for 3 months-

Are you interested in trying Digital Perm?

Renting the machine for 3 months is the best way to know about Digital Perm without buying Machine and other tools from the beginning.

3 months Renting is for £360 + vat

*Buying a Digital Perm Starter Kit is required 


All prices are exclusive of delivery.

The items you can rent

Digital Perm Machine 

It comes with the roller tray

Winding Rods

Set of 10 pcs of each 



Rod lines

Set of 10 lines

(3 connections in 1 line)

Ridge clips

Set of 10 pcs of each 

Small, Medium, Large

Rod under pads

Set of 30 pcs

Digital Perm Starter Kit

£459 + vat

  • Anti - Heat Rubber Bands - Pack (70g)
  • Rod Receiver
  • Rod Papers - Box of 400 Sheets (Long)
  • Rod Papers - Box of 400 Sheets (Short)
  • Momoko Deo Rinse 1000ml
  • Momoko Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml
  • Momoko Repairing Shampoo 1000ml
  • Momoko Mist 1000ml
  • Momoko Repair Milk 1000g

  • Momoko Shine Oil 500ml
  • Momoko Curl D100 (400g)
  • Momoko Curl D70 (400g)
  • Momoko Curl D40 (400g)
  • Momoko Curl D2 Neutraliser (1000g)
  • Momoko Dual C90 (400g)

  • Momoko Dual C70 (400g)

  • Momoko Dual C40 (400g)

  • Momoko Curl C2 Neutraliser (1000ml)

  • Momoko Dual P30 (1000g)

  • Momoko Dual P30+ (120g)

  • Momoko Curl P2 Neutraliser (1000ml)

  • All Applicator bottles for Shampoo and Treatments

How to do Momoko Digital Perm
Steps for Renting

Step 1
Send us an Email

Please send us inquiries about renting by email


Step 2
​Sign the form & Payment

We will send you a contract form 

and then you are required to make 

a payment  at this time.

Step 3
​You will get a Machine

We are hiring the machine from Japan and 

send it to your address.

Question & Answer

Q, How long does it take to arrive the machine?

A, We will send it as soon as we get a order. But it might delay if we don't have a stock of machine. In that case, it will take about 1 month due to deliver it from Japan. The delivery cost will be estimated from London to your address.

Q, What should I do if the machine got broken?

A, We will replace to new machine for free of charge unless it was your negligemce. It will take about 2 weeks to 4 weeks to send the new machine.

Q, What happen after finishing contract period?

A, If you are happy to continue for using the Digital Perm at your salon, you can buy the new machine and tools from us.

The contract will end after 3 months but there is a option to renew the contract.

Q, Can I choose the colour of machine?

A, Only black colour is available for renting. You can choose the colour when you buy a new machine.

Q, Can you teach me the technique of Digital Perm?

A, We have a Technical Guide and you can download it from this website.
We are also available for additional training course remotely on the video talk or at the salon. It will be additional charge for it. 
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